October 9th RNC Fire Pelosi bus tour at the Canyon County Republican Headquaters

Ronalee Linsenmann, CCRW Director, is the first to greet the Fire Pelosi bus
as it approaches the Canyon County Republican Headquaters.
CCRW members

Raul Labrador, Republican candidate for Idaho's 1st Congressional District

Govern Butch Otter

CCRW Officers 2009-2010:
Ronalee Linsenmann, Past Pres.
Joyce Chase, Pres.
Cindy Brown, 1st VP
Kathy Alder, 2nd VP
Carol Mitchell, Sec.
Ruth Steelsmith, Treas.
CCRW with great Republican Elephant
Canyon County Fair, 2008
Caldwell Indian Creek Festivals
Ronalee Linsenmann, CCRW Director
With grandchildren working on literature-drop
Canyon County Lincoln Day
CCRW shares recent activities and programs
 CCRW donating books to the Melba Library, 2008
Ronalee Linsenmann, Pres.
Cindy Brown Melba Library Board member and CCRW 2nd VP
Christie Priesler, Melba Library Board member and CCRW member
Constitution Day, Sept. 17, 2008
Donating U.S. Constitution to Nampa Middle School
War Hawk Air Museum
Nampa, Idaho
Donated memorabilia to the Museum that had been used for the Viet Nam Moving Wall
during its visit to Nampa in 2006.
“Republican Women Rule”
Nampa Idaho Center, 2006
During visit of Pres. and First Lady Laura Bush
CCRW Constitution Study
Governor Butch Otter, speaker
Ronalee Linsenmann, moderator
CCRW Gun Saftey and Target Safety